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. >>> even today over celebrating the st. today? >>> john the baptist is being celebrated his be heading he appears twice in the church calendar the first time is on his birthday in the second time today we recognize his be handing his martyrdom he is not because stink stephen the first murder but john the baptist is really murder even before him. >>> of course as the process of canonization but there is an understanding perhaps the meth if you are murdered her automatically sent is that true >>> you are in reality it go directly to have been and all those in heaven are saints were ordered for the faith. either of two types of martyrdom is murdered him for hatred of faith from the one who kills them hates the faith or sent for some virtue connected with the faith. so those murders certainly go straight to heaven but they're not always recognize runaway but many of them have been in time >>> it's an exciting process and it begins but had they come up with this? >>> as you say the murders in the early church christians for persecuted and the early era of the church and then it caused some
. paul were alive today that he would be in your chair. >> absolutely. pope john paul ii said that would be the new public square. the public square now is electronic, not just a piece of land in the middle of town. and that's where paul preached and that's where he would be teaching and responding to criticism now. >> and do you think the church is getting better at getting it, that we are getting better at dialogue, we are getting better at moving forward, getting better at getting our word out and listening to others? >> we are getting better but we need to get even better. >> okay. >> i think the more we learn about it, what works, what doesn't, how it works, not to be afraid of it, to plunge in, the more that parishes, dioceses, priests, bishops, women religious, everybody gets more involved in it, the more confident we get and the better judgment we exercise about how to do it well. so it's that kind of thing, i think it's getting in, don't just walk around the pool, get in and swim. >> come in, the water is fine. >> exactly. >> i want to ask you too and we have to take a break, bu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2